How you can Identify a qualification Mill

A qualification mill is definitely an organization that provides education certifications, diplomas or levels which require little if any academic study. The levels provided by diploma mills are “fake” levels which aren’t recognized within the employment market. You might not just getting trouble to make use of the amount in assisting inside your career, it might caught you right into a law sue situation if employers encounter you’re holding a “fake” degree to try to get their job vacancy and when they have a law suit against you.

It isn’t worth to risk your future through getting a diploma from diploma mill. You have to avoid these diploma mills together with your best effort, but may it’s difficult to differential between legitimate education institution and diploma mill. Here are a couple of guidelines to help you identify if the education organization is potentially a qualification mill.

1. Be Highly Alert Around the Accreditation Information

Nowadays, not just legitimate schools claim accreditation, diploma mills also promote the amount programs with accreditation attached. So, just by understanding that the college of the selected education program is accredited might not enough to make sure you are becoming the best degree. You ought to be additional information to find out what accrediting agency that carry out the accrediting process around the school. Then, compare the accrediting agency information using the accreditation database available in the website from the Council for Greater Education Accreditation (CHEA), make certain that you simply discover the accrediting agency indexed by CHEA database. Become more careful concerning the accrediting agency name, bogus accrediting agency that accredits diploma mills may register with much the same name to some legitimate accrediting agency.

2. The College Address Uses P.O. Box

Although online universities that provide their degree programs 100% online, the internet universities should have the street address where their offices can be found. If you notice the universities only publish their address as P.O. Box address, it should trigger a warning sign for you.

3. Unrealistically Short Program Time

You may get a degree at diploma mills inside a almost no time, within month or perhaps a couple of days from the moment of enrollment. While at legitimate online universites and colleges, can award levels a lot sooner than traditional classroom-based schools, an unrealistically short program here we are at a diploma is fraudulent.

4. You May Get A Degree Exclusively According To Existence Experience

Although legitimate online universities may award some credit for well-documented “existence experience”, you won’t be in a position to earn a diploma exclusively according to “existence experience” but at diploma mill, it is simple to obtain a degree simply with your “existence experience”. This sign should clearly trigger a warning sign, cure it totally.

5. Diploma Mills Charge Tuition on the Per-Degree Basis

Legitimate online universites and colleges normally charge their tuition on the per-semester, per-quarter, per-course or per-credit basis, which differs from what most diploma mills charge in per-degree basis. This can be a sure manifestation of a diploma mill.


It’s not worth to risk your future through getting a diploma from diploma mill. Although sometime it’s difficult to recognize a qualification mill, however if you simply review a college as well as their degree program more carefully and become aware of the diploma mill’s signs, you will be able to cure it.

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